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    What is the going rate for renting hunting land? I,m not looking to rent, but renting. I,ve had the same crew for about four years now. A group of four from downstate. Someone else approached me about renting the “80” and said I was low-balling myself. They said they would double the old gangs rate and up it each year by a hundred more each year for five years. Is the new crew full of hot air? Is the old crew getting a real sweetheart deal? I don’t want to mention the numbers because I,m trying to get a general concensus from you all as to what you’ve heard as average. This is an 80 acre piece of greta hunting land.


    Another important tip is to be sure to hunt https://www.agmglobalvision.com/best_and_most_successful_hunters in light to heavy rain or snow. In addition, it is recommended to hunt in the middle of the day, preferably midday. After sunset, you should hunt the last half hour of daylight, but never later than 30 minutes after sunset. This will prevent you from being harmed by deer while they are attracted to your scent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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