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    There have been several (at least 3) burglaries in the town of Nokomis area over the past several days, including at a relative’s house. The perpetrator(s) ransacked closets, dressers, cupboards, etc, apparently looking for and taking cash and small valuables. The Oneida County Sheriff’s department is investigating. Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your neighborhood and report any tips to local law enforcement. Make sure you secure your home and valuables. Make sure your house looks occupied if gone for a few days… or even a few hours.

    Old Scout

    Is it the state of the economy or is it something else that is going on around the area. For being a small community, we sure have been experiencing a lot of criminal activity in the area the last few years. Is it time to add some more chlorine to the gene pool. Perhaps we need to form more neighborhood watch groups (vigilante’s) to keep and eye on thing. After all, the police can’t be everywhere all the time.


    @Old Scout wrote:

    Is it the state of the economy or is it something else that is going on around the area.

    I think it’s the state of the economy. Robberies are going up here in the Twin Cities too.


    Old Scout, you ask what is going on around here? Economy or what? No matter what the reason I believe the consequences are not tough enough. Maybe I’ll try it, maybe if I get caught I’ll only get a slap on the hand in court and 6 months to year probation. What if they backed the dude up to the flagpole on the court house lawn naked, duct taped his hands behind him around the pole and duct taped his ankles to the pole for 12 hours and have anyone throw rotten vegetables at him. What humiliation. I think someone would think twice about committing a crime with that outcome. I hazard to guess there would be alot more perpetraiters thinking they don’t want to take the chance getting caught. Radical? I don’t know? But probably effective. Awhile back a couple of rich kids were over in Turkey or somewhere that keyed a car. They tied them up and caned thier naked butts and televised it as well. I’ll bet there is alot less crime there. These two American kids didn’t know how they handled things like that over there and learned the hard way.


    The burglaries have nothing to do with the economy.
    What is going on in this town is drugs and drug gangs in Tomahawk selling and doing Heroin,Crack and Oxycontin.This has gotten to be a huge problem that everyone denies or looks the other way. If you or someone you know have had things stolen check the pawn shops in Flambeau,Rhinelander or Wausau. A lot of stolen property is going there along with guns going to Milwaukee for drugs and also all of the stolen checks that have showed up in town. How many kids have to die in this town before people wake up and stop pretending it is not as bad as it is.


    No little town in WI could ever claim to be Mayberry RFD, but your assertions are scary. How many deaths?

    It’s sad to say break-ins occur everywhere. Has there been a noticeable increase in the Tomahawk area? Or are we responding to the original poster who is intimately aware of a crime since it happened to a relative?


    Amen Catfish, I say bring back Tar and Feathering. The reason they used it was because it worked so well. Pain, Humiliation, suffering, but no permanent damage. People would get the message, keep your hands off other peoples stuff! BTW down here in Georgia we have had a large increase in armed robberies at convenience stores and home break ins.


    Sadly, this state of affairs is true. Not only have there been more robberies in town as of late, but there have been several discreet beatings, death threats, increased drug traffic etc….. All w/ no action taken by police. I won’t name specifics because I’m relatively certain that the individuals involved are building a case of some fashion, but there have recently been attacks on several families in the area. There have been witnesses, reports filed and absolutely NO action taken by local authorities! If you want to know why our wonderful little town is going down the tubes, take a good look at our Police Department (or lack thereof) and their unwillingness to protect and serve the citizens that need it the most. Stop worrying about income generating ticket offenses and start paying attention to the crud that’s invading our town!

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