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    Three Tomahawk businesses deserve special recognition for going above and beyond in keeping North Fourth Street and the community itself operational.

    The unseasonably warm temperatures experienced last week led to what city of Tomahawk Director of Public Works Mike Tolvstad called a “worst case scenario” that unfolded for crews working to replace underground utilities along North Fourth Street. The melting frost, snow and resulting runoff coupled with the deep sandy “bad soil” where crews were working caused the road to collapse. What was once a one-lane road being controlled by stoplights had to be closed down.

    Had it not been for The Autohaus, Park City Credit Union and Heritage Chevrolet, motorists would now be dealing with a detour that would have made the current Hwy. 51 detour seem like nothing in comparison. Instead, these businesses stepped forward and allowed the city to create two lanes and redirect traffic through their front parking lots.

    Tolvstad described their willingness to help the city and their fellow
    North Fourth Street business owners as “huge.” Just imagine what the new detour to get from the north to the south side of North Fourth Street would have looked like. Just imagine how much of a deterrent that new detour would have been.

    Thanks to these businesses the project will actually move along faster as crews will no longer have to work around motorists. Plus, for now, there’s no more waiting at the makeshift stoplights.
    Don’t let The Autohaus, Park City Credit Union and Heritage Chevrolet’s kind offering go unnoticed. Stop by at some point when you pass through and tell them thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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