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    A Letter to the Editor in the July 14, 2015, Tomahawk Leader. Look for a feature story about this incident on the front page of this week’s Tomahawk Leader:

    A funny thing happened to us on Crystal Lake last month when a loon hopped up on our swim raft and laid an egg. Our first reaction was something between laughter and shock, but when the loon began to sit on the egg, that changed to panic over what we could possibly do to help make it work out for the loon. There wasn’t a whole lot we could do, of course, but Crystal is a busy lake with boats and tubes and skiers, so we put out some marker buoys so boaters could see and possibly avoid the immediate area, and we also walked around the lake to talk to residents about this unusual situation, hoping they would help.

    On Wednesday, we were overjoyed to see a fluffy little loon chick greet the world when it stuck its tiny head out from under mom and take its first look around. Now they’ve left and are gone to somewhere else on the lake, and we have our raft back.

    The purpose of this letter is simply to thank our Crystal Lake neighbors for doing everything they did to make it happen, especially for giving the nesting loons so much space as they passed by the raft. Once folks found out what was going on, they really did care a lot, and that concern helped make it happen. So a big thank you to everyone!

    We also want to express our gratitude to the folks at LoonProject.org for their assistance and guidance, and a special thanks to Linda and Kevin Grenzer for always being available on the spur of the moment whenever a new twist in the story arose. Without their help, the little chick simply wouldn’t have survived.

    So, the story kind of ends here for us with the loons leaving our raft for better places on the lake, but a big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. For us, Crystal Lake has always been a little slice of heaven, and we will always remember this with big smiles. Good luck, little loon.

    Terri and Jon Lundgren

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