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    A Letter to the Editor in the July 14, 2015, Tomahawk Leader:

    Isn’t it amazing, the world we live in today? A world filled with Tweets, Likes, Pinterest, and more. … Our resources for creativity are now endless! In light of the 4th of July, many of us found ourselves sharing Photoshopped patriotic images … This brings me to my next thought … the parade here in good ole Tomahawk, where all I have to say, is “Wow, just wow.” And not in an impressive manner. Since when did the 4th of July and the parade become exempt of patriotism and replaced with advertising? I mean, really, “investing” $.99 on a flag stapled to a wooden stick that gets waved from the window of someone’s vehicle, is hardly patriotic when you’ve got nothing else to show besides your freshly washed vehicle. When the banner on the vehicle takes up the entire side panel, but the flag you wave measures a mere 12” across … I mean, really?

    … Let’s stop focusing on the names of the businesses you’re representing, and showing off whatever toys (boats, rangers, and fancy cars) you have access to, and get the focus back to showing our pride in our soldiers, our veterans, the freedom of our country, and the fun we should be having during this celebration! … The fact that so many of our local businesses clearly put very little to no time into preparing a “float”, and made a very nominal investment in patriotic supplies and décor, has me downright appalled and even a little offended. As a veteran, I’d really think you’d represent your gratitude for your freedom so much better than what you have. If you’re interested in creating revenue for your business via the parade, may I suggest you turn to Pinterest for ideas in creating a show-stopping float that really grabs our attention and we will remember?

    In turn, if we would work to make our parade the best in the Northwoods, we would attract more tourists and out-of-towners that want to come visit us for the parade … therefore, increasing your audience for the small advertising aspect of the parade that will always be inevitable. A prime example of how this works can be represented by the Nokomis Pub and Eatery. I remember this business out of all the others because of their float! They made an investment of time, money, and creativity in creating a unique float to show off during our celebration of freedom – definitely the best one in the parade. So, I have to commend this local business for raising the bar and setting the example for everyone else!

    As for the rest, can we please work to do better next year? You should feel ashamed of the fact that moms and dads spent an entire day shopping for that perfect patriotic outfit, or tie-dying red white and blue shirts, and painting faces just to watch your parade of advertising … yet so many of you didn’t even put in a fraction of that time and seem to have forgotten what this is all about. … It’s time for a change, Tomahawk.

    A disappointed veteran
    Mandy Street

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