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    List some of your favorite things about Tomahawk. This might help someone else find their own favorite things.


    The beautiful scenery…in particular, riding my bike from Bradley Park to the Falls Inn tavern on a clear fall day. Stop in the tavern for a couple of cold brewskies and down one of their tasty pizzas. Then go across the street to the “falls” and kick back and look at the colorful trees and watch the water come over the rocks while letting
    out a couple good belches. Nothin better!


    Ah yes the Falls, my old stompin’ grounds…still go there for meditation…..the river not the bar. Although one usually led to the other…right Dawn? Favorite things about Tomahawk… the bridge in Bradley Park around sunset on a summer day, pontooning on Nokomis or Mohawksin, walking the Hiawatha trail in early spring…


    all the seasons are enjoyable around here i really enjoyed my time at home when i was home on leave had a great time hunting and fishing and going out for breakfast with the guys at the hungry bear


    What’s so great about Tomahawk…! It seems to me that even newcomers are considered part of the community. Although many people are “lifers” here I think we are a very diverse community, with many folks, such as my family, coming from other places to make Tomahawk home. From the start I felt welcome and a part of the community.


    I’m a lifetime visitor of Tomahawk, and I’d have to say my favorite thing about the city is the cuties who work at the diner by the old pizza hut. Shew-wee!


    You know, the one with the gigantic pancakes!


    I mean the diner of course.


    Ive just recently moved to the area, Im on the spirit flowage and I love it out here! the fishing is aswome and in town all the people Ive encountred have been very nice and helpfull. I enjoy going to surewood forest resturant and bar Friday nights Ive met a lot of super people and have had a lot of fun. Im single and live alone ( with the exception of my pets) so I look for an outlet on the weekends. Where else would I go in tomahawk to meet people?


    Early August. Late at night. The kids are asleep. Sitting on the dock of a cottage on Deer Lake. Drinking an Expedition Stout from Bell’s Brewery. Splitting time watching a lighted slip bobber and watching the skies for the Perseids meteor shower. When life is really good I manage to catch a walleye or two while watching God’s fireworks.



    My favorite thing about Tomahawk, is our location. We have a alot of regular birds here, that have been forced to leave other populated areas, and then in the Spring and Fall – we have the opportunaty to observe the ones that are migrating South or North.
    My other favorite thing about Tomahawk is that when I get to Hwy J on 51, I know that I’m almost home.


    Oops. I’ve found that the same thing can be had further North with a lower price tag. The folks are friendly & the jet skis are limited to 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Thanks for the memories, but in the future I’ll be taking the family beyond the Tomahawk area for a vacation. (Hint, Hint.)

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    Crushing blows to the ego’s of Tomahawkians. Somewhere cheaper and quieter than our fair hamlet? How can it be? Found a place this past week with NO jet skis and the cost for four nights was only $38.00. Sad but true those of us in the beautiful north woods need a vacation spot too.


    Our lake (and I’m not saying which lake, in the Tomahawk area)has rules on jet skiing and water skiing) limited to 10 a.m to 7 p.m. It has been that way for more years than I can remember. Way before jet skiis were invented. Before 10 and after 7 is for the fishermen and those who just want to enjoy the lake. There is nothing like a float around the lake after 7 pm on a pontoon boat without the boat racers, water skiers and jet skies.
    I live on this lake and have my vacation paradise year ’round.


    I posted questions on this board looking for such a lake & received no responses. Guess I’ll take the hint & take the family further North.

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