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    The following letter was published in the Sept. 1, 2015, Tomahawk Leader:

    It behooves one to wonder why the expansion of a Convenience Store and Fueling facility is needed (at Hwys. 8/51) – adding to the already overbuilt gas stations and convenience stores in this state along any major highway intersection. The community of Tomahawk and specifically the Town of Bradley does not need this type of facility at this last intersection, especially when there is another one or two with good development potential (and) closer access to our community for local sand traveling public to patronize.

    Our community depends on local business. There would be less income and loss of possible repeat business for our downtown with another stopping corner “out there.” (Let’s) not destruct one of the nicest corners in the Northwoods … This last corner of importance would be the beginning of the Northwoods actually. Do we want to present our community as a bypass? It could be enhanced as a welcome spot on the West side for the traveling public and our residents with appealing entities … instead of a one stop shop, move on, miss our unique Town of Tomahawk that has become a welcome place to browse and shop and visit. The change in the last 5 years has made a great difference for persons out of town to come spend their dollars here and stay a little while longer. Thank you Mainstreet and North 4th Street for your efforts as well as those who have upgraded buildings in our community. It has made a difference.

    If there is to be a Tourist Information Center on the East side, what better use than to preserve the beauty of our community by a type of development that will enhance that corner, not take away the natural northwoods scene … Not every major intersection needs a Convenience Store and Gas Station fully developed into a major traffic stop which deflects any curiosity into a downtown visit.

    The worst problem with this type of development at this major intersection here is the East/West of Hwy. 8 not realizing the sunrise/sunset, hazardous traffic and type of vehicular movement (semi’s, delivery trucks, campers) at the turning lanes at Klade road; the total watershed support for Muskellunge Lake and all the residential areas – from the other side of this 4-lane – feeds homes approximately to the wayside. Yes they have modern tanks and runoff systems for water retention-filtering per plans and all sounds good. This building is passively colored and built. And, Scaffidi still owns the other lots available for development.

    Our Town of Bradley Building Commission, the Board of Directors for the Town of Bradley and the Lincoln County Zoning will be making the decision for this area. How do you see our community’s benefit? Will this really enhance our community, our local current businesses, add to our beauty of our resources for tourists, keep Tomahawk alive and well for local needs? Muskellunge Lake residents need to be concerned as well as the residents along Hwy. 8 to the Wayside.

    Lin Kenworthy


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