Lincoln County Sheriff’s Report: July 1, 2024

As reported by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Monday, July 1:

On 06/24/2024 deputies were dispatched to a reported disorderly conduct domestic at an address on Belle Rd. in the Town of Somo. It was reported that a male subject, 24, who lives at the Belle Rd. address, was intoxicated and acting disorderly by yelling and screaming at his mother and stepfather. The parents were reporting that he has a drinking problem, and they wanted him to get help, which he refused. The male subject left the house prior to deputies’ arrival. It was also reported that the subject may be armed with a knife. After a short search, investigating deputies located and took the subject into custody. No weapons were found. During the process, the subject became increasingly uncooperative and resistive with deputies. He was eventually placed in a patrol car for transport to the Lincoln County Jail. While in transport, the subject was able to get free of his seatbelt, and move his handcuffs to the front of him. The subject then kicked out the rear windows of the squad while in motion. The transporting deputy stopped and requested assistance to regain control of the subject. The subject continued to struggle with deputies until they used pepper spray to get the party back under control. The subject was then transported to the Lincoln County Jail. No injuries were reported as a result of this call. The patrol car received substantial damage to both rear doors. The man was booked into the Lincoln County Jail on several charges.

On 06/26/2024 the Sheriff’s Office took a complaint of a female party showing up at a house on Bay Mill Rd. in the Town of Bradley and advised the home owner that she had put her car in the lake. Deputies arrived and made contact with the female driver, a Milwaukee woman, 38. The deputy noticed signs of impairment and requested the female do some SFSTs. The driver refused to cooperate with the deputy, and as a result, she was arrested for a first offense of OWI. The vehicle was removed from the lake, and the driver was turned over to corrections staff at the Lincoln County Jail. No injuries were reported.

On 06/29/2024, deputies were sent to the area of CTH X and County Line Rd. in the Town of Pine River for a reported crash with injuries. It was reported to be a motorcycle crash with a party possibly having a broken leg. The deputy found that the driver of the motorcycle, a Waupaca man, 25, was traveling N/B on CTH X just north of County Line Rd. when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. The driver was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and was the only injured person.

On 06/29/2024 a deputy on patrol stopped a vehicle in the N2200 block of CTH JJ for an equipment violation. In making contact with the driver, a Stevens Point man, 35, he falsely identified himself as his brother. It was later learned after the original stop that the driver had provided false information and that there was a warrant for his arrest. Deputies remained in the area until they were able to relocate the subject and took him into custody for the warrant. He was also arrested on a fresh charge of obstructing an officer. He was then transported to the Lincoln County Jail.

On 06/30/2024 the Sheriff’s Office received a call of a crash on Stevenson Rd. in the Town of Skanawan. The R/P advised he had made contact with the driver and he thought the driver was intoxicated. When deputies arrived on scene, they found the vehicle abandoned. A short time later, they found the male party, a man from Machesney Park, Ill., 55, lying in the ditch. In talking with the driver, the deputy noticed signs of impairment, and as a result asked the driver to perform some SFSTs. The driver refused to cooperate with the deputy and as such was arrested for a first offense of OWI. The driver was later released to a responsible party. No injuries were reported as a result of the crash.

On 06/23/2024 a deputy from the Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint of a pedestrian walking on the roadway on CTH C near Elm Rd. in the Town of Merrill. It was further reported that the pedestrian was actually a child. At the time of the call the child was supposed to be in the care of their grandma and she lost track of the child. The child was found almost a half-mile away from where the grandmother lived. The Sheriff’s Office would just like to remind drivers to be aware and observant of possible changing road conditions and hazards. We would further like to remind everyone if watching small children, be sure to keep a close eye on them and keep them away from highways and roads. In this case the child was returned to the grandmother unharmed; however, a report will be submitted to the district attorney for review and possible charges.  

Deputies conducted 38 traffic stops and 30 security checks.

Deputies responded to 10 car vs. deer crashes

Driving complaints: 11.

The 911 Center took six hang-up calls and six nuisance calls.

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