Claybusters compete in Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa

For the Tomahawk Leader

WISCONSIN RAPIDS – The Tomahawk Claybusters recently competed in Wisconsin Rapids and Nekoosa.

Wisconsin Rapids

The Claybusters participated in Handicap Doubles at the Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club in Wisconsin Rapids.

Tomahawk results are as follows:

Handicap, JV: Tyler Strassman, 79, placed 13th; Fletcher Baumann, 62, 44th; Mason Jaecks, 32, 67th.

Varsity: Marcus Patterson, 75, 82nd.

Doubles, JV: Tyler Strassman, 75, 23rd; Fletcher Baumann, 48, 62nd.

Varsity: Marcus Patterson, 74, 75th.

Photos courtesy of Kellie Strassman,


The Claybusters competed in Singles at the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association’s Homegrounds in Nekoosa.

Nearly 2,000 athletes from around the state took part in the event.

Tomahawk results are as follows:

Intermediate Entry, 24th place out of 71 teams. Issac Derleth, 71, placed 140th; Carter Albrecht, 70, 143rd; Quinten Bartz, 66, 168th; Landyn Michael, 65, 178th; Kamron Ristau, 58, 204th.

Intermediate Advanced, 10th place out of 70 teams. Connor Johnson, 92, 22nd in division, 336th overall; Dean Greil, 90, 40th in division, 462nd overall; Connor Germano, 87, 71st; Lillian Taves, 82, 16th; Sophie Roberts, 78, 26th.

JV, 6th place out of 81 teams. Fletcher Baumann, 94, 25th in division, 183rd overall; Nathaniel Litzau, 93, 32nd in division, 221st overall; Tyler Strassman, 92, 57th in division, 333rd overall; Nathan Fisher, 90, 72nd in division, 444 overall; Mason Jaecks, 86, 149th.

Varsity, 40th place out of 89 teams. Marcus Patterson, 95, 83rd in division, 114th overall; Ashton Greil, 93, 145th in division, 215th overall; Zach Germano, 92, 193rd in division, 311th overall; Zach Jonesi, 87, 370th; Hayden Greil, 87, 383rd; Khianna Vacho, 85, 70th; Connor VanderWyst, 84, 482nd; Ryan Ristau, 81st place, 554th; Levi Hilgendorf, 77, 599th; Scarlet McKenzie, 60, 152nd.

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