Flag Day ceremony held at The Loop Hole

By Joan Laabs

TOHAHAWK – On Friday, June 14, Flag Day was celebrated across America.

A special event was held in Tomahawk to not only honor our flag, but also to retire those flags that were no longer serviceable.

In cooperation with local veteran groups, The Loop Hole Bar and Grill hosted the event, which was somber and inspirational. 

There was a huge, 1950s era, 48-star flag hoisted high in the air by a crane. Many other flags were retired with a traditional and honorary burning ceremony, with the assistance of the Nokomis Fire Department.

Members of the Tomahawk VFW and American Legion wore their new uniforms of strikingly crisp white shirts and black pants. They led the service, speaking words of honor and patriotism. The traditional Honor Guard presented the colors, fired military rifles and played patriotic music.

 An audience of seemingly ordinary men, women and children became an important group by coming together to watch, reflect and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. The respectful audience included members of Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and members of various other veteran groups.

“For the American soldier who has fought for or still is fighting for this great nation, nothing besides God and family is more important and respected than the American flag,” said Bob Soward, Commander of VFW Post 2687. “We need to teach future generations the meaning and reasons behind the flag. It is actually representative of the men and women who have died for its ideals. And this shall never be forgotten.”

“I was born in the shadow of my country’s flag,” said Tom Garrigan, Commander of American Legion Post 93. “In my life, I have saluted it as a scout, as an Army nurse and as an American Legionnaire. I have saluted fallen veterans and returning heroes. In time, I will receive one as well. Saluting my flag is more than a duty. It is an honor and a privilege.”

This was the first time that the event was held at Loop Hole. Owners Brian and Jackie Luttropp were asked about why they decided to serve as hosts.

Brian responded simply, “It is the right thing to do.”

And Jackie added, “We will make this an annual event.”

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