Fishing Report: Despite temperature fluctuations, fish keep biting

By George Langley

NORTHERN WISCONSIN – Despite the fluctuations in temperatures we continue to have, the fish just keep biting!

It’s been a great week. As we’ve seen all spring, the weather does affect the bite, but things recover quickly. Generally, the fishing has been fantastic for all species, and barring any huge and sustained change in the weather, we can expect that to continue.

The crappie bite continues to be good. While we’re a little closer to the end of the spawn area-wide than we were last week, we’re hearing of some lakes where they’re still at it. A good rule of thumb is to start deeper on the smaller, warmer lakes, where you can assume the spawn is done. New weed growth is the place to be looking for these guys, and jigs as small as the wind allows with small minnows are a good choice. If that’s not working, sometimes a flashy little hair jig with a crappie minnow is enough to entice them.

Walleye fishing is holding steady at a nice pace. We’re starting to see a nice evening bite, so if you’re trying to target a time, that’s a good choice. There continues to be nice fish caught in both weeds and holes. Slip bobbers and minnows in the weeds have been effective. Look for cabbage weeds in 10 to 14 feet of water as a good place to start. If that’s not producing, move on to the holes and see what you can find.

We’re starting to see the bluegill hanging out on their spawning grounds. Worms under a bobber will work well, but this is also a great time to try poppers in the evenings when the fish are shallow. The ‘gills will be on the shorelines for several weeks, while perch have been deeper. Minnows are working for them, but switching it up to leeches can be effective also.

Bass fishing has continued to be good, and we’re seeing some of them done and out of their beds and others still in the middle of their spawn. Leeches are continuing to work great, but those swimbaits like Keitech are doing the trick, too. Remember that smallies are catch and release only up here until well into June.

We’re continuing to hear of some musky being caught throughout the area, but nothing too consistent. Try some glide baits or twitch baits and look fairly shallow.

All in all, we have a lot to look forward to up here. Summer is getting into full swing now – don’t blink, or it’ll be over! Fawns are being born and flowers are blooming. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Northwoods.

Good luck and good fishin’!

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