THS tech-ed students celebrate ‘Shop Rat Appreciation Day’

For the Tomahawk Leader

TOMAHAWK – On Friday, May 17, Tomahawk High School (THS) technology education students celebrated the celestial few, the shop aficionados, the tool connoisseurs and grease gun gurus; the makers, the builders, the thinkers and the mischief-makers.

Instructor Brian Schiltz explained that on this special occasion, “Shop Rat Appreciation Day,” students and staff rolled out the red carpet – or maybe just a well-worn toolbox – to honor those tireless souls who call the workshop their second home.

“Shop rats are the unsung heroes who keep our gears turning, our engines roaring and our projects soaring to new heights,” Schiltz said. “They are highly skilled and experienced in working with tools, machinery and various mechanical systems. These problem solvers are often known for their expertise, ingenuity and dedication to their craft. So, let’s raise our grease-stained hats to the masters of the workshop, the keepers of the flame and the guardians of our mechanical dreams.”

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