Dan Connor, new owner of The Old Towne Mall, greeted by Tomahawk Ambassadors

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TOMAHAWK – The new owner of The Old Towne Mall in downtown Tomahawk was recently welcomed to the community by the Tomahawk Ambassadors.

“Dan Connor is no stranger to town as he grew up in Tomahawk – Skanawan to be exact,” a release from the Ambassadors said.

Dan moved away from the area for about 15 years, doing sales and delivery with Holiday Wholesale out of Wisconsin Dells.

“Taking time to concentrate strictly on selling online for the last three years, Dan also got a booth inside The Old Towne Mall,” the release stated. “The joke was Ginny telling Dan, ‘You’re going to buy this place when I retire.’ Fast forward to the end of last summer, when Dan’s Mom sadly passed away. Real life kicked in, and he started thinking about it, finally coming back to Ginny, saying, ‘Okay, let’s buy this place.’ The rest is history! Now, lo and behold, Dan came to find out that Ginny said that to everybody that came in, wanting to retire; she was just waiting to see who actually take her up on it! No worries though – Ginny didn’t go too far, as she still has a booth inside, including the book she wrote about her Dad, and she’s continuing to have her ceramics here as well.”

The Ambassadors noted that the only big change is that there will no longer be painting hours available to the public, with everything else pretty much staying the same.

“Dan is only improving on that original base,” the Ambassadors explained. “Each booth is a different vendor, and every vendor has their own niches and price points.”

There are currently 47 consigners.

Among a few updates visitors can enjoy is Kathy’s Kitchen, the front area of the store where coffee, candy, pickled products, spices, dip mixes and more are available in honor of Dan’s mom.

“Kathy very much enjoyed baking and making food for the family – her way of making everyone happy was to share,” the Ambassadors stated. “The front display table is also a fun new game – Dan changes it up with a different theme, depending on the season or whatever holiday’s coming up, trying to gather bits and pieces here and there to incorporate and tie into the vendors throughout.”

A few new spaces are being opened as well, although Dan noted that the waiting list has already been filling up.

“Be sure to stop in, meet Dan and see all the treasures at The Old Towne Mall,” the Ambassadors said.

The Old Towne Mall is located at 206 W. Wisconsin Ave., Tomahawk.

Tomahawk Ambassadors Deb Tomaszewski, Diane Timm, MaryLu Voermans and Jennifer Turkiewicz recently welcomed Dan Connor, the new owner of The Old Towne Mall in downtown Tomahawk. Shonna Buchanan and Raleigh Hodge were also on hand for the introduction. Photo courtesy of Andy Tomaszewski
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