Claybusters take part in 2024 Northwoods Shootout in Wabeno, earn wins over Medford

For the Tomahawk Leader

WABENO – The Tomahawk Claybusters’ season is underway, and the athletes competed in Wabeno and against Medford this month.


A total of 17 Tomahawk athletes took part in the 2024 Northwoods Shootout at the Padus Nicolet Gun Club in Wabeno on Saturday, April 20. The results are as follows:

Intermediate Entry, men’s: Issac Derleth, 32.

Intermediate Advanced, men’s: Dean Greil, 39.

Intermediate Advanced, ladies: Lillian Taves, 42, 11th overall.

The Hatchet intermediate divisions placed 4th as a team.

JV men’s: Tyler Strassman, 45, placed 3rd overall; Mason Jaecks, , 41.

Varsity men’s: Hayden Greil, 47, placed 1st overall; Ashton Greil, 42, placed 20th overall.

Tomahawk’s JV/Varsity division placed 1st as a team.


All Tomahawk teams won in week 4 of the conference season against Medford.

The first 25’s of the season were by Blake Younker and Tyler Strassman.

Results are as follows:

Intermediate Entry, 75-64 win. Eli Scott, 17; Landyn Michael, 16; Isaac Derleth, 15; Keagan Jones, 15; George Van Asten, 12.

Intermediate Advanced, 102-35 win. Connor Johnson, 21; Ryan Kretzschmar, 21; Cole Peterson, 20; Connor Germano, 20; Dean Greil, 20; Lillian Taves, 20.

JV, 101-45 win. Tyler Strassman, 25; Nathaniel Litzau, 21; Mason Jaecks, 19; Fletcher Baumann, 18; Nathan Fisher, 18.

Varsity, 110-90 win. Blake Younker, 25; Zach Germano, 22; Caden Derleth, 21; Hayden Greil, 21; Levi Hilgendorf, 21; Marcus Patterson, 21; Trey Morrison, 21.

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