Tomahawk Ambassadors welcome Holistic Life Chiropractic to new location

For the Tomahawk Leader

TOMAHAWK – The Tomahawk Ambassadors welcomed Dr. Janel Voelker of Holistic Life Chiropractic to her new office, following the recent relocation of the business.

Holistic Life Chiropractic is now located at N11758 County Rd. L in Tomahawk.

A release from the Ambassadors said the space has been completely transformed by Dr. Voelker’s husband, Mike, converting an old laundromat into a “beautiful space of healing.”

“Holistic Life Chiropractic (has been) dedicated to helping families achieve optimal health and wellness since 2018, and in addition, Dr. Janel Voelker has been involved in successful wellness practices since 2007 in various other parts of the country,” the Ambassadors stated.

The office offers chiropractic care and nutritional therapy to help families in every stage of life. Dr. Voelker has earned additional certification in pediatrics and is also Webster-certified, which is a technique used to help pregnant women have safe, healthy and natural deliveries.

“Dr. Zoie Mohr was an amazing addition to Holistic Life Chiropractic in 2022,” the Ambassadors noted. “A Tomahawk native, Dr. Zoie also has additional training in pediatrics and has a passion of working with pregnant women, children and families. Dr. Zoie and her husband, Derek, love raising their children, Wyatt and Wren, in Tomahawk and spend the majority of their time outside playing sports, watching sports, and you will often find her on a ballfield or cheering on her favorite sports teams with family and friends.” 

 The Ambassadors said the doctors “believe in caring for the entire person during each visit, looking at the physical, emotional and chemical stresses that can contribute towards spinal misalignments.”

“During each visit, patients are evaluated from head to toe, not only adjusting spines, but also adjusting feet, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and even checking cranial alignment and digestive function,” the Ambassadors stated. “They believe that each patient is different, so each person’s adjustments are different. Some patients prefer the more traditional, manual adjustments, while others prefer a more gentle adjustment with a drop table or adjusting tool.”

The doctors added that they also have a vast understanding of supplements, noting that supplements can be confusing and that there are a lot of poor-quality supplements on the market.

“They help their patients make sure that they are taking not only quality supplements, but also the right supplements needed for their body and stage of life,” the Ambassadors said.

The new space offers Holistic Life Chiropractic the ability to collaborate on patient care, and they were able to add an additional therapy – PEMF (Pulsated Electromagnetic Field) technology.

The Ambassadors said PEMF is “soothing and restorative and provides your cells with the energy they need to perform at their highest capacity,” noting that it “provides electromagnetic energy crucial to the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself.” 

“I believe that God has blessed me with a great ability to help people heal and be healthier,” Dr. Voelker stated. “God works everyday through my hands and words to help others, and for that I am very grateful to Him.”

In 2021, Dr. Voelker and her husband Mike opened The Rock Church in Tomahawk, where they are also pastors. 

“The Tomahawk Ambassadors were honored to welcome them to their new location and wish them all the best,” the release stated.

Tomahawk Ambassadors Jennifer Turkiewicz, Kathy Rankin, Bunny Kluka and Deb Tomaszewski were on hand to meet with Doctors Janel and Zoie, as well as Mike and Otto Voelker, to tour Holistic Life Chiropractic and learn more about their practice. Photo courtesy of the Tomahawk Ambassadors.
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