THS musicians perform at district Solo and Ensemble competition

For the Tomahawk Leader

EAGLE RIVER – A total of 27 Tomahawk High School (THS) musicians performed in 28 events at the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) Solo and Ensemble district competition, hosted by Northland Pines High School on Saturday, March 9.

THS results are as follows:

Silver Medals Class C: Jayden Dellinger, Sadie Ruder, vocal duet.

Silver Medals Class B: Abbi Kallerud, Sarah Kallerud, woodwind duet; Kaylee Roberts, vocal solo.

Gold Medals Class B: Alena Cerkas, Elliot O’Connor, woodwind duet;  Bronze Medals Class A: Ryu Fuszard, Dorian Stefan, vocal duet.

Silver Medals Class A: Dorian Stefan, vocal solo; Trey Morrison, vocal solo; Galen Schmidt, Greta Kurth, vocal duet; Trey Morrison, Arawen Alberg, vocal duet; Xan Sutton, Sadie Ruder, vocal duet; Xan Sutton, Trey Morrison, vocal duet; tenor-bass ensemble consisting of Xan Sutton, Trey Morrison, Dominic Boos, Damian Ramirez-Gonzales, Galen Schmidt and Steven Woodhull.

Gold Medals Class A: Ella Hilgendorf, Scarlet McKenzie, alto saxophone duet; Arawen Alberg, vocal solo; Xan Sutton, musical theater; Ella Hilgendorf, vocal solo.

Gold-Medal events in Class A that will also advance to the State Festival: Scarlet McKenzie, alto saxophone solo; Elliot O’Connor, alto saxophone solo; Ayla Lewison, vocal solo; Murphy Koth, vocal solo; Xan Sutton, vocal solo; Arawen Alberg, musical theater; Greta Kurth, vocal solo; Murphy Koth, Arawen Alberg, vocal duet; the freshman-sophomore soprano-alto ensemble of Naomi Nelson, Ayla Lewison, Sadie Ruder, Greta Kurth, Jayden Dellinger, Dorian Stefan and Kaylee Roberts; the junior-senior soprano-alto ensemble of Akira Sawada, Bella Marino, Murphy Koth, Arawen Alberg, AJ Schertz, Julia McGovern, Ella Hilgendorf, Ryu Fuszard and Scarlet McKenzie.

Photo courtesy of Corey Colburn.
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