Quarterly transportation aids to Wisconsin municipalities exceed $138 million

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WISCONSIN – Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), on Tuesday, Feb. 6, announced that municipalities across the state received more than $138 million in the first quarterly payments for 2024 for General Transportation, Connecting Highway and Expressway Policing Aids.

A release from Evers’ office said that for calendar year 2024, local governments will receive more than $536 million in General Transportation Aids financial assistance to support transportation-related projects, a 2% increase over calendar year 2023 allocations provided by the 2023-25 biennial budget.

Total funding for all local programs makes up almost one-third of the state transportation budget.

General Transportation Aids (GTA) help cover the costs of constructing, maintaining and operating roads and streets under local jurisdiction.

Connecting Highway Aids (CHA) reimburse municipalities for maintenance and traffic control of certain state highways within municipalities.

Expressway Policing Aids help the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department with the costs of patrolling expressways within the county.

The first quarter payments, made in January, totaled $138,679,668.93 and included:

  • General Transportation Aids – $134,164,869.44 to local units of government.
  • Connecting Highway Aids – $4,258,824.49 to 116 eligible municipalities.
  • Expressway Policing Aids – $255,975.00 to Milwaukee County.

“Since day one, our administration has been working to make sure Wisconsin’s infrastructure is ready to meet the needs of a 21st-century workforce and a 21st-century economy,” Evers stated. “Last year alone, we improved over 900 miles of road and over 200 bridges, and we’re getting right back to work in 2024. We will continue building on this positive momentum to help ensure students, families, workers and products can get from point A to point B safely and efficiently.”

“Since Governor Evers took office, WisDOT has improved 7,424 miles of road and 1,780 bridges, and our Local Program invests in every part of the state,” said WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson. “A good transportation network depends on the first and last mile, and we appreciate working with the many municipal leaders across the state to deliver infrastructure improvements.”

Quarterly payments for cities, villages, and towns are sent on the first Monday in January, April, July and October. County payments are made in three installments, with 25% of the total annual payment on the first Monday in January; 50% on the first Monday in July; and 25% on the first Monday in October.

Local aid data

Municipality                      GTA                       CHA

Lincoln County                  $312,333.67                       

Oneida County                  $278,597.57

Price County                      $193,871.77

Vilas County                       $288,564.72

City of Tomahawk            $75,663.76           $10,372.59

City of Merrill                     $220,056.48        $37,524.02

City of Rhinelander         $195,157.79

Town of Birch                    $18,618.94                                          

Town of Bradley               $53,893.97

Town of Cassian               $61,836.24

Town of Corning               $66,320.00

Town of Harding               $23,122.80

Town of Harrison             $39,848.05

Town of Hazelhurst         $34,386.88

Town of Hill                       $21,557.59

Town of King                     $23,642.26

Town of Knox                    $25,517.48

Town of Little Rice           $31,502.51

Town of Lynne                  $55,199.46

Town of Merrill                 $45,616.79

Town of Nokomis            $36,287.01

Town of Ogema                $40,032.59

Town of Pine River          $44,304.47

Town of Rock Falls           $25,617.58

Town of Russell                $28,085.01

Town of Schley                 $36,751.79

Town of Scott                   $25,874.56

Town of Skanawan          $16,246.79

Town of Somo                   $14,264.64

Town of Spirit                    $20,805.74

Town of Tomahawk        $24,216.40

Town of Wilson                 $17,115.81

Data courtesy of WisDOT.

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