Dare to Dream: Sarah and friends take a trip down memory lane to Strikers

Courtesy of Milestone Senior Living

TOMAHAWK – We recently took a trip down memory lane to Strikers Tomahawk Bowl with Sarah and a couple friends from Milestone.

Sarah has been part of our Milestone family for a little over a year, and last week we made her dream come true. We play Wii Bowling at our facility, and some reminisce about their bowling league days. We thought we would make her “Dare to Dream.”

Donny and Barb were up for the challenge as well. These three recall league bowling, and Sarah joined after her kids were grown and looked forward to her weekly outing.

 “I was pretty good, earning some trophies,” Sarah said and laughed at her score.

Life Enrichment Coordinator Julie planned the event, and Director Jennie joined us, as it was right up her alley, being a bowler herself.

Sarah choked up a little when she was presented with her pink trophy pin and certificate. The other two received water bottle pins from Jennie.

These folks believe age should not stop you from dreaming, as their ages are 84, 89 ½ and 90.

Photos courtesy of Milestone Senior Living.
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