Aspirus releases top baby names of 2023

For the Tomahawk Leader

WISCONSIN – Aspirus Health recently released the most popular names given to babies born in the health system last year.

“Naming a newborn is a key step in welcoming the littlest and latest addition to the family,” Aspirus said in a release. “There are thousands of names for parents to choose from, but in the end, each name given to a child is special and unique, as they carry it with them throughout their life.”

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 26, 2023, a total of 2,881 infants were born at Aspirus locations, and 1,517 different names were given to those newborns.

Aspirus’ three most popular names among girls in 2023 were Amelia, with 18 newborns given that name; Harper, 14; and Emma, 14.

Last year’s top three names for boys were Levi, 25; Oliver, 22; and Hudson, 19.

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