DOR reminding Wisconsinites to check properly tax bills for lottery, gaming credit

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WISCONSIN – The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) is reminding Wisconsin residents to check their current property tax bill for the lottery and gaming credit.

In a release, DOR explained that the credit provides direct property tax relief to qualifying taxpayers on their property tax bills.

Lottery proceeds are paid into a separate segregated state fund. The lottery credit is displayed on tax bills as a reduction of property taxes due.

“To qualify for the lottery and gaming credit, you must be a Wisconsin resident, own a dwelling and use it as your primary residence as of the Jan. 1 certification date of the year the property taxes are levied – in this case, Jan. 1, 2023,” DOR stated. “If an owner is temporarily absent, typically for a period no longer than six months (ex: hospital, vacation, incarcerated), the primary residence is the home where the owner returns. Principal dwelling means any dwelling the owner of the dwelling uses as their primary residence.”

To receive the credit, an eligible property owner must file an application with the county treasurer where the property is located or with the city treasurer if the property is located in a city that collects taxes under state law. A property owner may claim only one primary residence.

“You cannot claim the lottery and gaming credit on business property, rental units, vacant land, garages or other property that is not the owner’s primary residence,” DOR said.

If a property owner is eligible for the credit as of Jan. 1, 2023, but their property tax bill received in Dec. 2023 does not show the credit, they may claim the credit by applying to the municipal (town, village or city) treasurer where the property is located, by Jan. 31, 2024; of file a late claim application (if the Jan. 31 deadline is missed) with DOR by Oct. 1, 2024

Lottery and gaming credit applications forms are available

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