With flu cases on rise nationally, Aspirus joining health experts in urging vaccination

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WISCONSIN – Aspirus Health is joining health experts in urging the public to get flu vaccinations as cases are on the rise nationally.

“In the midst of the festive season, it is easy to overlook the persistent threat of influenza,” a release from Aspirus stated. “However, December is a strategic time to prioritize influenza vaccinations, ensuring protection against the flu virus during peak transmission periods.”

Nationally, 3.9% of health care visits were for the flu for the week ending Nov. 25, a 0.2% increase from the week before, according to the release.

Flu hospitalizations have also grown for three consecutive weeks. For the week ending Nov. 25, there were 4,268 new flu hospitalizations, according to the CDC.

Stevenson. Photo courtesy of Aspirus.

“There are some segments of the population that are more susceptible of developing serious complications from the flu,” said Lindsay Stevenson, MD, Aspirus Family Medicine Resident. “Some examples include adults over the age of 65, children under the age of five, pregnant women and those with medical conditions such as heart disease.”

Aspirus said flu season typically peaks during the fall and winter months, providing several reasons to still get a flu shot:

  • Dual protection. Combating both the flu and COVID-19 is crucial for public health. By getting a flu shot, individuals can reduce the risk of contracting and spreading influenza, preventing additional strain on healthcare systems already managing the impacts of the pandemic.
  • Personal health and well-being. The flu can lead to severe complications, hospitalizations and even death, particularly for vulnerable populations such as the elderly, young children and individuals with underlying health conditions. Getting vaccinated is a proactive step to protect oneself and loved ones from these potential health risks.
  • Community immunity. Vaccination not only protects individuals, but also contributes to community immunity. By achieving higher vaccination rates, we create a collective shield that helps shield those who may be unable to receive the vaccine, such as infants and individuals with certain medical conditions.
  • Reduced burden on healthcare systems. By preventing the flu, individuals can contribute to reducing the burden on healthcare systems that are already stretched thin. Avoiding flu-related hospitalizations frees up resources and enables healthcare professionals to focus on managing other critical health issues.

Aspirus patients can get a flu vaccination from Aspirus at a primary care clinic. Call an Aspirus primary care clinic to schedule a nurse-only visit and for additional information.

Flu vaccinations are also available at community pharmacy locations. Contact a local pharmacy for more information.

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