SVDP Outreach Center receives donations of winter clothing

For the Tomahawk Leader

MERRILL – The St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Outreach Center in Merrill recently received donations of winter clothing.

Pamela Zettelmeier, of Waukesha, has donated crocheted mittens to SVDP for the past five years. Zettelmeier dropped off 300 children’s mittens at the center while visiting her son in Merrill.

Zettelmeier. Photos courtesy of Russ Mancl.

Deb and Dick Erickson, of Merrill, donated 27 children’s winter coats, 24 snow pants, 95 kids’ winter pajamas and 14 stocking caps, as well as mittens, slippers and miscellaneous children’s and adult items.

“These gifts will have influence in the lives of the recipients,” said Sue Norenberg, Operations Manager at the Outreach Center. “These donors show the spirit of giving is alive in Lincoln County. We thank them for their generosity.”

SVDP Outreach Center is located at 503 S. Center Ave., Suite 2, Merrill. For more information, contact Norenberg at 715-539-2666.

Outreach Center Operations Manager Sue Norenberg and Deb Erickson.
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