Nicolet College students, Learning in Retirement program members partner for Aging and Mobility class

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RHINELANDER – The Nicolet College Learning in Retirement (LIR) program recently partnered with Medical Assistant students to address a growing concern within the aging population: the risk of falling and fall-related accidents.

“As individuals age, the likelihood of experiencing a fall increases, and these incidents can have a profound impact on quality of life,” a release from Nicolet said. “That’s why LIR collaborated with students for its Aging and Mobility class.”

 Nicolet said the recent Aging and Mobility class provided an opportunity for participants to measure their risk of falling and gain insight into preventive measures to help ensure their safety and well-being.

Kurt Klemm, retired physical therapist, and his daughter, Erin Nelson, DPT, also a physical therapist who works at Aspirus Eagle River, led participants through a series of simple tests commonly used in physical therapy.

The students helped provide the exercises to assess balance, muscle strength, coordination and overall mobility and empower LIR members to make informed decisions about their personal safety and mobility.

Physical therapists and Nicolet College students recently performed health assessments with Learning in Retirement program members. Photo courtesy of Nicolet College.

“Participating in activities like these builds a bond between our students and community members,” said Jolene Guenthner, Medical Assistant Program Director and Instructor. “Learning through service is one of our students’ favorite ways to learn. Talking with participants of Learning in Retirement helps them understand more about what medical assistants can do. It was really a great experience for us to be given the opportunity to help.”

Nicolet said the Aging and Mobility class is a “unique opportunity for older adults to connect with students who are pursuing careers in healthcare.”

“It provides a win-win scenario, as participants receive valuable insights into their own health, while students gain practical experience and make a positive impact on the community,” Nicolet stated.

Margaret Barnes, President of LIR, also expressed her enthusiasm for the program.

“This partnership exemplifies the spirit of collaboration that LIR strives for,” Barnes said. “We are dedicated to providing meaningful and enriching experiences for our members, and the Aging and Mobility class is a wonderful addition to our program offerings. We believe it will greatly benefit our community members and inspire a sense of unity between generations.”

About Learning in Retirement

Nicolet College Learning in Retirement offers a variety of educational opportunities and enrichment programs for older adults.

“These programs are designed to promote lifelong learning, personal growth and community engagement,” Nicolet said. “By partnering with experienced professionals, Nicolet College Learning in Retirement ensures that participants receive high-quality educational experiences that cater to their unique needs and interests.”

For information about joining LIR, contact Nicolet College at 715-365-4544 or visit

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