Fishing Report: Lake turnover still hanging on

By George Langley

NORTHERN WISCONSIN – Well, we’d love to be in serious late fall weather pattern by now, but Mother Nature will just not cooperate. Turnover is still hanging around on those bigger lakes, and water temperatures remain maddeningly steady in the low 50s most everywhere. If there is one pattern we’re noticing right now regarding the fishing, it is the lack of a pattern from one body of water to the next.

Walleye fishing has been decent, with fish being caught in the deep holes on the Chain. Look at about 18 feet of water around the edges of the holes for the best results. Many anglers will just jump from hole to hole until they locate the one holding the fish at that time of day. On the bigger lakes, look for hard bottoms and 20 to 35 feet of water. Jigs and larger minnows are definitely the best bait, with walleye suckers being a favorite right now.

Panfish action has been alright for all species as the weather holds. Things will remain basically the same on this front until we get the drop in the water temps down into the 40s and lower, like we’re all waiting for. If you’re just looking for some action, check around shallow cover. If you’re more serious about size, look for the crappies and bluegill deep and just off the weeds or in those deep brush piles.

Believe it or not, the bass are still hitting. The few bass anglers that we have talked to have been doing very well. Crawlers and minnows have all been working well for these fish, or try some plastics over the deeper weeds.

Northern are, as typical, trolling the deeper weeds for those perch, and walleye and will go for the loudest, flashiest tackle you can throw. Of course, a good old Mepps spinner or Johnson silver minnow in the weeds will work every day for these fish.

Musky action has been pretty good, despite the lack of cold. While they’re not yet in their deep-fall feeding pattern, we are seeing some bigger fish being caught and some good days out on the water with enough action to keep things exciting. The sucker bite tends to follow the water temperature, so we’re just not seeing the response from the fish we wish for at this time of the season. Dragging a sucker or two will still greatly enhance your odds any day. Jerk baits and bucktails are still working well, but the larger plastics are beginning to raise some nice fish, too.

Good luck and good fishin’!

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