City of Tomahawk awarded federal grant for ‘Sidewalks to Schools’ project

By Jalen Maki

Tomahawk Leader Editor

TOMAHAWK – A federal grant awarded to the City of Tomahawk will go towards improving the safety of students’ walks to school.

In April, the City of Tomahawk Common Council approved a resolution allowing the city to apply for a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant, with the intention to receive funding for a project called “Sidewalks to Schools.”

TAP is a legislative program authorized in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, signed by President Joe Biden in Nov. 2021. With certain exceptions, projects that met the eligibility criteria for Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) programs focused on improving the safety of routes to schools, enhancing transportation and making upgrades to bicycle and pedestrian facilities could be permitted to receive TAP funding.

In June, WisDOT informed the city that it had been awarded $185,440.00 for the Sidewalks to Schools project.

During the City of Tomahawk Finance Committee’s meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, July 25, City Clerk/Treasurer Amanda Bartz explained that the grant amount is for 80% of the project cost. The city’s portion will be $46,360.00, plus an additional $15,000.00 for a “State Design Review.”

Under the program, projects must begin within four years of the notification of the grant award.

Although there are currently no specific design plans in place, the resolution approved in April said students have been seen walking to school in the road on King Road, where no sidewalks exist, and improvements made through the Sidewalks to Schools project will “allow all kids in grades K-12 within the neighborhoods north and east of the Tomahawk School Complex to safely walk to school, instead of on King Road.”

The acceptance of the grant will be reviewed by the City of Tomahawk Common Council.

Sidewalks to Schools is not the first City of Tomahawk project to receive funding under TAP.

In Oct. 2020, the city was awarded $40,000.00 for its Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which was approved by the Common Council in Sept. 2022.

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