Nicolet College announces Accounting program credit transfer agreement with UW-Stevens Point

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RHINELANDER – Nicolet College in Rhinelander recently announced a new credit transfer agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 

In a release, Nicolet said the agreement will help Northwoods residents looking to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting do so without leaving the area.

Once students earn the two-year associate’s degree in Accounting at Nicolet, they can transfer to UW-Stevens Point with full junior status. 

The agreement took effect Saturday, July 1. 

“This agreement creates a clear path for students with a Nicolet Accounting associate’s degree to transfer seamlessly to UW-Stevens Point,” said Ellen Mathein, Nicolet Dean of Business and Entrepreneurship. “One of the greatest benefits to starting a bachelor’s degree at Nicolet is the cost savings. Not only are credits less expensive, commonly only half as much or even less, but local students can also live at home while attending Nicolet, which also saves on room and board. Combined, the savings can amount to many thousands of dollars.” 

Nicolet said its Accounting program is also offered in the highly-flexible Nicolet MyWay format, with students completing the coursework at the times that are best for them and fit around their busy lives. 

“In order to accomplish this, the curriculum is broken down into smaller chunks, known as competencies,” Nicolet stated. “Once students have proven that they’ve mastered one competency, they move on to the next. When they’ve demonstrated proficiency with all of the required competencies, they are awarded college credits and ultimately a college degree.” 

A portion of the required coursework is commonly completed face-to-face with instructors during open lab times or during scheduled faculty office hours. The remainder is completed online at times that best suit student schedules. 

“The academic rigor is the same for Nicolet MyWay classes as it is for the traditional format,” Mathein explained. “College is challenging for many. There’s just no way around that. Just because a class is much more flexible doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier.” 

The Nicolet MyWay format also allows students to start college at numerous times throughout the year. Upcoming start dates in 2023 include Tuesday, Sept. 5; Monday, Oct. 2; and Monday, Nov. 6. 

“Over the years, Nicolet has partnered with over 40 four-year universities and colleges to create meaningful articulation agreements,” Nicolet stated. “These are aimed at ensuring students experience a smooth transition and academic preparedness as they embark on their journey to pursue a higher degree.” 

For more information on Nicolet’s Accounting degree and the pathway to earn a bachelor’s degree from UW-Stevens Point, visit or call the college at 715-365-4493. 

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