‘Never Been Any Reason’ officially certified as Gold digital single by RIAA

Songwriter Mike Somerville lived in Tomahawk area for two decades

For the Tomahawk Leader

UNITED STATES – Universal Music Group recently announced that the single “Never Been Any Reason,” written by Mike Somerville and recorded by the rock band Head East, has been officially certified Gold through the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

To be eligible for Gold Certification, a single must reach sales and streaming of 500,000 units.

“Never Been Any Reason” is featured on the album Flat as a Pancake, which achieved Gold Certification in 1978.

The original Flat band members were Somerville, Roger Boyd, Steve Huston, John Schlitt and Dan Birney. Boyd produced the album, which was recorded at Golden Voice Studio in Pekin, Ill.

Pictured, from left, are Steve Huston, Roger Boyd, John Schlitt, Dan Birney and Mike Somerville, members of Head East, in the mid-1970s.

“Never Been Any Reason” is an iconic rock anthem used in television and film, including Dazed and Confused, The Education of Charlie Banks, J-Men Forever, Sahara and That 70’s Show.

Somerville lived in the Tomahawk area for 20 years, until his death in 2020. He enjoyed sitting in on jam sessions with local musicians, laying down guitar tracks in recording studios for other musicians and filling in for lead guitarists, when able.

Born in Peoria, Ill., Somerville developed a passion for music and guitar while in junior high school and played in local rock bands during his high school years.

In 1973, he became the lead guitarist for Head East, in which he played guitar on and off for several years.

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