Competition Cheer, THS track team, Historical Society receive STAR Foundation grants 

By Jalen Maki

Tomahawk Leader Editor

TOMAHAWK – Grants from the Support Tomahawk Area Resources (STAR) Foundation were recently awarded to a trio of local groups.

Competition Cheer, the Tomahawk High School track and field team and the Tomahawk Area Historical Society each received grants after submitting applications funding.

Competition Cheer

A grant of $1,500.00 went to Tomahawk’s Competition Cheer team to cover the cost of two mats.

The team’s grant application explained that Competition Cheer is a group of cheerleaders who compete against other teams.

There are competitions held all around the state and country, and the Hatchet squad is looking to bring one to Tomahawk.

“When you go to a competition, you will hear music all day long (and) large crowds cheering on the cheerleaders,” the application stated. “You will see multiple different teams taking the mats, putting on a routine. Typically, the routines are three minutes long. These routines are full of endurance, cardio, stunting and yelling.”

When Competition Cheer started last year, a total of 37 girls signed up. That number is expected to be around 50 this year.

The Hatchets are aiming to compete in one competition per year, and the mats will be used for practices that start in July, the grant application said. The team is working towards purchasing a total of nine mats, each carrying a price tag of $750.00.

“With these mats, we will be able to offer much safer practices for stunting for our girls,” the application stated.

A STAR Foundation grant totaling $1,500.00 went to Tomahawk’s Competition Cheer team to cover the cost of two mats. Photos courtesy of Kay Kissinger Wolf.

THS track and field

The Tomahawk High School (THS) track and field team received a $3,000.00 grant to purchase mats.

The team has been raising funds for mats for five years, the grant application said.

The Hatchet Booster Club matched the $9,000.00 the team has raised for the mats, and the $3,000.00 from the STAR Foundation will help make up for a recent cost increase, according to the application.

Tomahawk Area Historical Society

The Tomahawk Area Historical Society will be able to make some technological upgrades thanks to a $1,900.00 STAR Foundation grant.

In its grant application, the Historical Society explained that the program used to design its website will become obsolete in August, and a new host for the website is needed.

The accessioning system for recording artifacts is also in need of updating, which is necessary for an upcoming indexing of artifacts and an inventory of the museum’s items.

These lengthy processes will be undertaken by one or more volunteers over the summer, the Historical Society said.

The Historical Society is also planning to digitize hardcopies of the numerous binders that contain photos and information about Tomahawk history.

The grant funds will ultimately cover the costs of a laptop computer, a printer, the needed programs and associated fees as the projects get underway.

“Our success will be measured by completing these projects and continuing to share Tomahawk and area history with the public,” the application stated. “Tomahawk has a rich history that the Tomahawk Area Historical Society believes is crucial to preserve and share.”

The Tomahawk Area Historical Society received a $1,900.00 grant for technological upgrades. Pictured, from left: STAR Foundation representatives Jackie Leonhard, Kay Kissinger Wolf (Historical Society board), Melody Chambers, Kelly Embree-Milcarek and Keri Kelley, along with Historical Society members Kathy Tobin and Carmi Pietila Cleary.

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