Live Well Lincoln, partners seeking participation in development of Community Health Assessment

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LINCOLN COUNTY – Live Well Lincoln and several partners are seeking the public’s input on health issues that are affecting Lincoln County residents.

Along with the Lincoln County Health Department (LCHD), the Lincoln County Department of Social Services and the Aspirus Health, Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin, Live Well Lincoln is inviting community members to participate in the development of a Community Health Assessment.

Live Well Lincoln said in a release that it is seeking participation in the assessment in an effort to “make Lincoln County the healthiest county in Wisconsin.”

“Community input will allow us to find new perspectives on the overall health issues and allow Live Well Lincoln to put these different strategies in place in order to address health challenges within our communities,” Live Well Lincoln stated. “We invite you, as a member of our community, to allow your voice to be heard and participate in the development of a five-year community health plan for Lincoln County.”

The process for developing the community health plan started in the fall of 2022, when the public was asked to complete a community health opinion survey. More than 755 community members completed the survey, either online or via a paper copy.

According to Live Well Lincoln, results from the survey showed the public’s greatest health concerns to be mental health, obesity (physical inactivity/poor nutrition) and awareness and support for the aging population.

Partners from across various sectors will meet on Thursday, Jan. 26 to review these topics, Live Well Lincoln said, adding that there will also be a discussion on community strengths, assets, barriers and opportunities for improvement.

“The next step in this process is community action planning,” Live Well Lincoln stated, noting that it is inviting the public to join local coalitions to participate in workgroups for the three selected health priorities that emerged from the survey.

“You can be a part in making a difference to the residents of Lincoln County,” said Shelley Hersil, LCHD Health Officer. “Coming together is critical in taking action on making healthy changes to Lincoln County as a community and start improving the health of all the residents.”

Individuals interesting in serving on a workgroup, providing feedback on Live Well Lincoln’s health priorities or becoming a member of a community coalition can contact Danielle Bender, LCHD Community Health Planner, at 715-536-0307 or [email protected].

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