Fishing Report: The Bluegill Spawn is Underway

For the Tomahawk Leader

TOMAHAWK – Calling all you “Gill” fishermen and fisherwomen: the spawn is on, and the bluegills are snapping at anything near their beds.

A recent trip to a small lake just northeast of Tomahawk proved that the water temps are up and the spawn is in process. The lake we fished was a darker stained lake with no public boat launch, so kayaks and canoes rule the waters, but even fishing from shore will produce some active fish this time of year. In fact, the water temps seem to be agreeing with the largemouth bass already too.

We caught about a dozen mid-sized bass on top water baits. This is generally thought of as a bait that is reserved for warmer, midsummer water temps, but the bass were aggressive and ready to respond already.

Although bass may not quite be on their spawning beds, they are still hungry this time of year and wasted no time in snapping at a chance for an easy meal on the surface.

Pictured with a nice 10-plus-inch bluegill is 4-year-old Joel Donner. With help from Grandpa, he was able to wrangle in this nice Gill while fishing from shore.

Contributed photo.

Although everything caught that day was released, I’m not sure you can get a tastier local fish fry than that of a mess of bluegills.

Get out and enjoy the lakes and rivers. This is what you have waited for all winter! 

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