Northwoods REALTORS report ‘soaring sales, tight inventory’

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NORTHERN WISCONSIN – The Northwoods Association of REALTORS (NWAR) and subsidiary Greater Northwoods Multiple Listing Service (GNMLS) said in a release that for the fourth year straight, new records were set for Northwoods property sales.

“While existing home sales in GNMLS were down 2.8% last year due to tight inventory, vacant land and farms sold at a 31% higher pace in 2021,” the release from NWAR stated. “Overall sales grew 6.8%, versus 2020 with home median gains of 12.6% at $205,000.00.”

NWAR said off-water lots saw medians of $32,000.00 – up 12.5% – while waterfront lot median prices grew 6.2% to $77,000.00.

“2021 was GNMLS’ first-ever year to exceed $1 billion in total sales, though that milestone will be tough to match in this tight market,” said GNMLS President Ed Choinski. “While 2018-2019 followed a steady decade-long upward trend, these last two years have seen a huge jump, as many who were forced to telecommute chose to do so from the tranquility of the Northwoods.”

Choinski cautioned that buyers must be ready to act fast on properties that catch their eye, since multiple offers within the first week is common of late.

“Our local market is generally more balanced than in fast-growing metro areas, but at around two months of inventory at present, buying a home in the Northwoods can be challenging these days,” Choinski stated. “Working with a REALTOR who knows our unique market can save buyers and sellers unnecessary delays and frustration.”

“To keep people moving despite the pandemic, local REALTORS have stepped up their technology game to serve buyers and sellers safely and swiftly using tools like 3D tours, recorded or live video walkthroughs, and electronic documents with e-signatures,” NWAR said.

“While we continue lobbying legislators to make broadband as ubiquitous here as it is in suburbia, local REALTORS have the tech tools needed to meet our customers’ and clients’ needs – and we know in a pinch where to find the nearest cell tower or free Wi-Fi,” said NWAR President Pete Rondello. “More than just helping people buy or sell homes, however, REALTORS have ramped up our efforts to be good neighbors in tumultuous times. It’s always important for Northwoods residents to help our community continue to grow and thrive.”

In 2021, NWAR and GNMLS combined to donate over $23,000.00 to local food pantries, shelters, and other charities. Several REALTORS also rang bells to raise money for Salvation Army, while others helped by donating wish list items to Frederick Place shelter in Rhinelander during the holiday season, the release said.

Northwoods REALTORS participated in REALTOR Ring Day and stepped up to support local charities throughout the year. Photos courtesy of Matt Seegert.

“REALTORS will continue to support our communities,” Rondello stated. “That’s where we live and have strong relationships. Everyone’s livelihood depends on the success and well-being of our neighbors. Investing in our community pays the best dividends in the long run.”

To view Northwoods properties for sale, visit NWAR’s REALTOR-powered free consumer search portal at

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