Time capsule buried at Milestone Senior Living

On Friday, Aug. 21, Carole Mietelski, Community Director of Milestone Senior Living in Tomahawk, dug a hole to bury a time capsule. Residents, tenants and staff buried items that were collected to represent 2020 thus far. “We had hoped to leave memorabilia from this past year for someone to dig up years from now and look back,” said Julie Thompson, Life Enrichment Coordinator. Some items included were Tomahawk Leader articles, a list of events that have happened, special birthdays, drive-by parades, postponed weddings, celebrating a COVID graduation for a staff member, and “essentials for our new everyday COVID-19 life.” “We had hoped to leave memorable items from 2020 for someone to open one day in the future,” Thompson said. “We think things have changed for us, but what does the future hold?”

Photos submitted by Julie Thompson


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