‘Wear a Mask’ campaign: ADRC-CW seeking ‘mask-wearing selfies’

Courtesy of ADRC-CW

CENTRAL WISCONSIN – The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin (ADRC-CW) on Tuesday, June 30 announced the “Wear a Mask” campaign, a “contest encouraging and collaborating with residents throughout the ADRC-CW region (Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood counties) to promote wearing masks.”

“The ADRC-CW believes in being proactive to help keep older adults, adults with disabilities, and the entire community, safe and healthy,” ADRC-CW said in a release. “With COVID-19 positive cases continuing to increase, the CDC recommends wearing a mask during the pandemic to protect and respect each other. The ADRC-CW would like to support and encourage the recommendations from the CDC by promoting mask wearing in public where social distancing is made difficult.”

ADRC-CW is asking older adults (60 years plus) and adults with disabilities (18-59 years old) to submit “mask-wearing selfies.”

“The pictures should be of themselves wearing masks, along with a slogan to promote mask wearing,” ADRC stated. “Please email your high-resolution picture electronically to [email protected] or to our Facebook page. See a complete set of rules on our website www.adrc-cw.org.”

The ADRC-CW will select four photos and slogans to use on billboards throughout the region.

“Our community members will see themselves, friends, or family on the billboards, which will help to promote the importance of mask wearing to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19,” ADRC said. “Please help spread the word! We look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your creative slogans!”

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