Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, the iconic Lake Ice Bear floating on an inner tube holding a fishing pole and Hamm’s beer was placed in Sawdy Pond to welcome visitors to the community. The bear was originally part of an advertising display at the Weizenicker’s Lake Ice business before being transformed into a widely-popular tourist attraction that was floated in Lake Mohawksin from 1958 to 1979. After being used for several years in the Tomahawk 4th of July Parade, the Hamm’s Bear was donated to the Tomahawk Historical Society in 2018 and last year a version of the Lake Ice Bear was placed back in the pond to celebrate summer in the Northwoods. Organizer Bill Sparr said it was the goal of the Historical Society to get it out on the water by Memorial Day. “If it brings a smile to some people’s faces, then what can be better than that.” No doubt the Lake Ice Bear is bringing smiles to plenty of faces, especially after the 40 year hiatus of a Tomahawk icon that reminded visitors they had reached their Northwoods destination after the long ride north.

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