Letters to the Editor: May 27, 2020

Vocke responds to Felzkowski interview

Eduard Vocke is a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s 12th Senate District. Felzkowski is running for the seat as a Republican.

There were a couple of admittances in Mary’s interview that prove the point that the ultimate decision to strike down the stay at home order had nothing more to do with public health than with a Republican power grab in the decision making process.

She states clearly that the lawsuit had nothing to do with the order, but the authority to implement the order. She also states that she thinks Republicans are “all over the board on this.” I tend to agree. DHS had clear precedent in making the swift decision that they made.

Requiring the Department of Health Services to go through the rule making process is akin to calling 9-1-1 because your house is on fire, and when the fire department gets there they aren’t able to put it out because they need permission to use the hose. It’s apparent that instead of acting quickly and decisively to respond to a crisis, Republicans are more interested in capitalizing on a public health crisis to grab power.

Governor Evers and Democrats have sought a bipartisan solution to this crisis from day one. That’s what good government does. He responded quickly to the challenges our state faced in the midst of a worldwide epidemic, as well as in the face of a rapidly evolving situation that ultimately saved many lives. 70% of Wisconsin residents still agree.

Now, what concerns me is that we have a Wisconsin Supreme Court decry from these philosopher kings that is based on no scientific data and is currently about to undo all the work we have done to this point. All of the sacrifices that we have made as citizens over these past few months is likely to be all for not as the state opens back up.

When we are forced back into lockdown, or have exploding numbers of cases in the next several weeks—as our children, elderly, and essential workers fall sick and die, I would like everyone to remember that Republicans played politics with their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

When our economy takes another huge hit as everything is forced to shut down once again because of out of control numbers, you know who’s phone to dial. But you probably won’t get a hold of them.

The lawsuit claims they want a ‘seat at the table,’ and they never showed up to the table. When this explodes in the next several weeks I want everyone to remember who caused it. The sad truth is, if you own an insurance company like Mary Felzkowski does, you might be setting yourself up to make a windfall when everyone around does gets sick.

Democrats will continue to listen to science and health experts in order to guide our decision-making process going forward, and we will continue to do what’s best for the people of our state.

Ed Vocke


Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s 12th Senate District


Memories, thoughts, and a bit of history

These past few months have been somewhat reminiscent of our nation during WWII. We have all been united in fighting this new enemy. During those war years, we were very united in the battle against that enemy. Though the war was being fought on foreign lands, it seemed as though we were in the midst of it here at home.

Like today, we all felt the effects of the crisis. Many men and women served our country as they do today. They were and are our warriors, our heroes. Today we have some new warriors and heroes serving on the front lines – our doctors and nurses, health workers, EMT’s, police, ambulance drivers, morticians, those looking to find treatments and vaccines, as well as those working in essential businesses, all who are at high risk.

Our nation was also stressed in some similar ways during that crisis. Many foods in short supply were rationed, such as meat, coffee, sugar, butter, and cheese. Likewise, some products we can usually easily purchase are in short supply today. One of the nation’s first convenience items was SPAM. It was a staple both here and abroad for the troops. It was also used as a gun lubricant!

Gasoline, necessary in the war effort, was also rationed. Consequently, there was limited travel. Today, gasoline is plentiful and cheap, but our travel is again limited. Tires were rationed—Deike’s Dairy put wooden wheels on their delivery truck due to the shortage. Rubber footwear, too, was rationed, as rubber was needed to make gas masks, and silk stockings were needed in making parachutes.

Folks were asked to collect scrap metal, keys and discharged ammunition. Women cut bandages from bed sheets. Everyone made sacrifices and contributions for the war cause. Sacrifices and contributions have also been made these past months.

There’s a TV commercial showing folks working in their gardens, with the message, “In troubled times, when the going gets tough, the tough get growing,” encouraging us to plant seeds of victory in our gardens. In the 1940s, Victory Gardens were common. The Tomahawk Kraft Company prepared thirty-four 30’ x 100’ lots for gardens which were distributed to their employees and each year the gardens were judged.

We have all been vigilant in the effort to contain this new enemy, as were we during the Cold War with Russia after WWII. So much so, that a glass-enclosed observation deck was constructed atop the roof of the high school. Volunteers served as plane spotters, fearing that Russia would fly over Alaska and Canada, strike the Chicago/Gary area considered a target as iron ore was transported to plants in that area, and Tomahawk would have been within possible range of nuclear fallout if the Russians were to attack.

Today, we have information – good and bad – 24/7. Back then we relied on radios for the news, some of us did not get newspapers, but we were able to see some glimpses of the war front in news clips prior to the showing of a movie.

Times were difficult, but our country was victorious, and we shall be again.

Dixie Zastrow



Check what people do, not what they said

I am an 82 year old Merrill man who rarely writes letters to the editor. But I am finally fed up with a few people who constantly degrade our great president and the republican party.

Like, a person out there said this, a person over there said that, etc., etc., etc. Maybe if these people would spend more time finding out what is done instead of what is said, they would learn something.

White the republicans in the senate were working on the first relief bill for a week, what was Nancy Pelosi doing. She and other democrats were out of town cooking up a list of park projects to stuff in the bill. Here is what she and the other democrats came up with. You will not believe this.

Kennedy Center, $25,000,000; Smithsonian Inst., $7,500,000; Nat. Endowment for Arts, $75,000,000; National Endowment of Humanities, $75,000,000; Public Broadcasting, $75,000,000; Museums and Librarys, $50,000,000; Disaster Assoc., $258,000,000; Migration and Refugee Assoc., $350,000,000; Peace Corp, $88,000,000; Amtrack, $1,018,000; Native American Programs, $300,000,000; Housing with Persons with Aids, $65,000,000; grand total, $2,386,500,000.

Really. Does this have anything to do with the Aid package? I would think it could have been better used by the local business owners in Tomahawk. Like your restaurants, bars, barber shops, and other shop owners in your town.

Actions speak louder than words.

Bill Beaudry


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