Backyard Birdfeeder Banter

By Jed Buelow
Tomahawk Leader Co-Editor, Sports and Nature Editor
A lot of color started showing up outside the house over the weekend and no it was not the trilliums popping up or the daffodils flowering in the flowerbeds.
Instead, it was return of a whole host of colorful songbirds that showed up at our backyard birdfeeders over recent days. The first couple were the red-breasted grosbeak and hummingbirds that were spotted Friday evening. Typically this is about the time of the year these birds start showing back up, so make sure to get the hummer feeders back out and hung with sugar water.
Waking Saturday morning a flash or orange was seen coming into the feeders. The first Baltimore oriole was seen coming into to take a sip. Later that day a blip of blue showed up, which marked the return of the indigo bunting to the Northwoods.
The first purple house finch was seen over the weekend. The red-winged blackbirds continue to add a splash of red and yellow and Sunday morning our first several cardinals were spotted grabbing at bite at the feeders.
Adding in the yellow of the goldfinches, and the birdfeeders remind one of what the flowerbeds will indeed look like in the coming months that lie ahead as just about every color in the rainbow has returned to the Northwoods and brought with it the start of summer.
Editor’s note: Make sure to add wild bird seed to a couple of feeders to go along with the sunflower. In a couple weeks put up a thistle sock for some entertaining goldenfinch viewing. And make sure to take down the feeders at night or the black birds might just take them down for you!

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