Marlowe, Hersil: Reduce the spread of COVID-19 with absentee ballots

Courtesy of Lincoln County Clerk Chris Marlowe and Shelley Hersil, Lincoln County Health Department

MERRILL – In Wisconsin, any registered voter may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail. This may be a popular option for the older populations, disabled populations, and those who are immunosuppressed.

According to the Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Public Health, person-to-person spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is occurring in a growing number of regions globally, but the immediate health risk for the general public in Wisconsin remains low. Lincoln County and the state of Wisconsin are looking at ways our residents can reduce the spread of influenza and other respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

One way Lincoln County residents can reduce the spread of many diseases is with absentee ballots (a.k.a. “by-mail voting”) during the upcoming elections. Residents can request an absentee ballot by calling their town clerk before Election Day. Absentee ballots may also be requested online at Your town clerk will send the ballot via postal mail with detailed instruction on how to handle. When sending the ballot back to your town clerk, remember to seal envelopes with a moist towel versus human saliva. For updated information on COVID-19 visit

For more information, go to the Lincoln County website at The Lincoln County Health Department is located on the lower level of the Health and Human Services Building, 607 N. Sales St., Merrill. The County Clerk’s Office is located on the upper level of the Government Services Building, 801 N. Sales St., Merrill.

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