Temporary weight limits to take effect in Lincoln County Monday, March 9


LINCOLN COUNTY – Lincoln County Highway Commissioner John Hanz announced on Tuesday, March 3 that temporary weight limits throughout the county would go into effect at 8 a.m. on Monday, March 9.

A release from the Lincoln County Highway Department states that the following roads will not be posted:

County Highways K, W, U, Q, R, and L; County Highway A from the north city limits of Tomahawk to U.S. Highway 8; County Highway A east to U.S. Highway 51; County Highway S from U.S. Highway 51 north to State Highway 86; County Highway N to County Highway L north to railroad tracks; County Highway Y from U.S. Highway 8 north to railroad tracks; County Highway G west of State Highway 17; and County Road E from State Highway 86 to County Highway O.

All other county roads will be posted to a maximum weight of 6 tons each axle, maximum gross weight limit 18 tons, except County Highway E from the intersections of Burma Road through the gravel portion, which will be posted at 6 tons each axle, 8 tons maximum gross weight.

“Under Section 349.16 (3) exemptions may be made to allow for vehicles carrying those commodities of which are used to perform necessary and vital services for the public health,” the release says. “In accordance with this section, school buses, vehicles transporting non-divisible perishable goods, emergency vehicles and County maintenance vehicles are exempt from these temporary weight restrictions. Special concessions on overweight loads may be made in emergency situations on a case by case basis through the issuing of single trip permits during the period of imposed restrictions.

The Highway Department in cooperation with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will allow authorized single trips on a restricted basis over specifically designated routes. For more information on the single trip permits, visit the Lincoln County Highway Department, 100 Cooper Street, Merrill, or call 715-539-2500.

“We are asking all consideration possible to be given to our County Trunk Highway System during spring breakup,” the Highway Department said.

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