Oneida County Sheriff’s Office issues warning regarding recent use of counterfeit currency in area

By Jalen Maki

Tomahawk Leader Co-Editor

ONEIDA COUNTY – The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning on its Facebook page regarding counterfeit $100 bills found in the area.

According to the post from Tuesday, Feb. 18, two incidents regarding the fake currency have occurred in the county.

“One bill was attempted to be used at a tavern in the area,” said Terri Hook, Captain of Investigations with the Sheriff’s Office. “The others were found and turned in.  No one has lost any money to this point.”

The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging citizens to take caution when accepting cash in large denominations and to become familiar with security features of U.S. currency currently in circulation.

“Please report possession or suspected use of counterfeit currency to your local law enforcement agency and record as many details as possible regarding who attempted to use the currency,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

To learn about the features of the $100 bill, visit

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