Mindfulness-Enhanced Strengthening Families Program in Merrill to begin in March


MERRILL – Do you have a child age 10 to 14? Are you or your youth feeling misunderstood and/or disrespected at times? Have you wondered about whether they are making good choices when you are not around? Do you find yourself wondering what you could do differently as a parent?

The Mindfulness-Enhanced Strengthening Families Program is for parents and their youth ages 10 to 14. The program is proven to increase positive family relationships and lower rates of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use in youth throughout their high school years. The Mindfulness-Enhanced Strengthening Families Program 10-14 is one of the most proven, effective family programs in the U.S. and is highly recommended by families and family educators.

UW-Madison Division of Extension-sponsored program includes practicing being more present and calm with each other as family members. Funding for this program is provided by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families through Lincoln County Social Services Youth Justice Collaborative Committee grant.

The program will run seven Wednesday nights from March 4 to April 22 (no session March 25) at the Lincoln County Service Center, 801 N. Sales St., Merrill. All families are invited, including single-parent, two-parent, foster, adopted, blended, step-parents or grandparents, etc.

This high-quality program is designed for families who want to do as well as possible during the tough transition years from childhood, to older teen, and beyond. At the program, families will:

  • Enjoy learning more about each other.
  • Practice positive communication and coping skills.
  • Discuss setting and keeping healthy rules.
  • Manage stress and conflict.
  • Learn useful, tested tools for supporting each other.

Parents who participated in this program previously reported that relationships with their children improved and their children cooperated better, among other things, according to UW Extension. Youth have said how much they appreciate the time spent with their parents, and the amazing things they learned.

Free, quality childcare is provided for children under 10. A family meal is served each week to make it easier for families with busy schedules.

Learn more about the program at https://youtu.be/ZOBW_Apevkc or by visiting http://fyi.uwex.edu/strengthening-families/.

Register now by calling Debbie Moellendorf at 715-539-1077 or by visiting the online registration at http://bit.ly/34wQGsY.

Extension Lincoln County is accepting registrations through Monday, Jan. 6, 2020. For more information, call 715-539-1077 or email [email protected].

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