“Christmas Season Brings Ice, Shacks, And Fishing!”

Since my last ice report winter has really arrived in northern Wisconsin with at least 30’’ of fresh snow on the ground during and after the gun deer season.  Just before the snow Isaac and mom went ice fishing in the “pond”.  Ice was around 4 to 5” in the bay with slush.

Isaac did some jigging, then set up some tip-ups before the big snow.  He got one flag and caught a northern by himself!  He was very proud of his catch this was his first time setting up by himself!  The pike ate slippery-jack minnow.  Congrats little buddy!  Good release!

Later that day we received 11.5” inches of very heavy wet snow!  A few days later we recovered from the storm with lots of snow and loosing power when another big snow came!  All this new snow was not good for ice on the lakes.  Its hard to make ice with deep snow pack because the cold does not penetrate to make ice very well.  We sorta lucked out in a way because the water level rose on top of the ice flooding with all that weight.  This froze on top making conditions much better except not everywhere is solid!!

On December 12, my friend Jerrod and I worked on getting out one of our shacks. We spent couple of hours plowing two machines. The Can-Am track machine with plow was key in deep snow without that machine there would be no road! Thanks Jerrod!!  Everything went well except for one bad slush spot in the new road. We just about put one corner of the shack through the ice!! You have to be careful in the slush areas with water draining or moving! All in all, our first fish house is out and the plowed road is getting thicker ice each day!

Ice thickness was 5 to 6 inches of good ice with slush ice on top. Just a few days before we put out the shack, Isaac and his cousin Caden were fishing out near the shack area and I checked the thickness. The boys caught 2 keeper walleye near dark! Great job boys!!

This week, I went to check the ice conditions on Lake Allice. Later this week, we are doing our annual school fishing trip with the Tomahawk Middle School students!! I walked out with the sled and auger. Conditions were 5” of clear ice on the bottom, with 7” of slush ice and on top of that, 8” of snow. Out in the channel where I was, the ice thickness was less, around 3” of good ice, and 4 to 5” of slush ice. Also, water running in the side of the hole as you drill the ice is good but, this is a different year!

On Friday December 20, 2019 we had our middle school ice fishing trip on lake Alice.  Weather overcast, fairly mild afternoon temps around 30 degrees with raw winds out of southeast at 10-20 mph.  We got started around noon.  A couple parents and I had the holes already pre-drilled.  Students set up tip-ups, tip-downs, and different types of jig poles in pretty much 10 to 14’ of water.  Choice of bait we used:  Sucker minnows, golden shiners, wax worms that were donated by Chucks Sport Shop!  Thank you very much!  Slippery-jack minnows were supplied by Roman.

As far as the fishing, during the first hour or so, a couple small panfish were caught and released.  Later a nice crappie was caught jigging!  The crappie took a waxie and was hard to catch.  They were getting light bites and seen fish on the flasher which helped in catching stubborn panfish.  Later a nice pumpkinseed was caught and released!  Midday we had one flag.  The tip-up was turning slow, but fish was not caught but it still was exciting! We had few other swings and misses on tip-downs but the bite was definitely slow. We also had one rod and reel combo disappear?  Most likely Mr. northern.  All and all this was about getting the kids out for couple hours and having fun in the great outdoors!  From all of us at the Derleth house Merry Christmas and be safe!!

If you are looking for a day on the ice, give me a call at 715-966-1821.

Well that wraps it up for this time.  This is Roman Derleth reminding you:  “Don’t slack off and always keep your line tight!”

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