Slush now a problem on Tomahawk flowages

Two heavy rounds of snow last week made a mess of the early ice on the Tomahawk area flowages. Went down to Bradley Park yesterday (Wednesday) to check on conditions and decided not to set the tip ups after finding a thin layer of ice on top of several inches of slush that was on top of a good seven inches of ice. Hopefully with the warming weather heading into the weekend and the big cool down in the forecast for next week things will freeze solid and we can hit the reset button on the season. If the slush does stick around it might be a good time to start looking at bigger lakes in the area that froze up after the snowstorms. They might not have much ice right now, but soon will, with the big cold snap that is on the way. Be safe and good luck to anyone heading out this coming week and weekend. Be prepared for slush and heavy snow along the shoreline and enjoy your Northwoods ice fishing time.

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