Top 5 Tomahawk area places to view the fall colors this autumn

By Jed Buelow

Tomahawk Leader Co-Editor, Sports, Nature Editor

Living in an area where so many come to take in the view, those of us fortunate enough to call the greater Tomahawk area home probably every now and again take for granted the beauty that abounds in nature this time of year.

This was reminded when Wisconsin’s former first lady stepped out on the viewing platform atop Timm’s Hill a couple years ago where she was blown away by the fall colors that stretched for miles.

“It’s like being in a painting,” Tonette Walker said as she took a break from her Walk with Walker tour to take a moment to take in the fall colors from atop the state’s highest elevation point.

Every fall the forests in our neck of the woods are painted with a swath of breathtaking colors from purple to red and orange that changes the landscape into a portrait no artist could create. Conditions are currently about at peak. Special. Indeed.

While just about any road in Lincoln, Oneida or Price County offers some spectacular views this time of year, there are a few must sees for those from the area or those visiting to view the beautiful fall colors.

#5. Irma Hill – One of Lincoln County’s most scenic views, a small area to pull off and view the miles upon miles of fall foliage sits atop Irma Hill located off Hwy. 51 just south of Tomahawk. This location offers one of the better and easiest places to access views of the fall colors when they are at their peak.

#4. Harrison Hills – Ask any local where one of the most picturesque areas of the greater Tomahawk area is and the Harrison Hills just east of town will usher a big response. Along with offering winding roads through forests splattered with fall colors, the Harrison Hills includes dozens upon dozens of small, crystal clear chain lakes that make the area not just a gem of the Northwoods, but one of the more scenic areas in all the state. Take CTH D east of town to where it intersects with CTH B in the town of Harrison. The fall colors reflecting off the surface water of the pothole lakes can make for some very scenic pictures.

#3. Hwy. 107 – Pretty much anytime of the year is good time to take travel Highway 107. The highway snakes along the shoreline of the Wisconsin River, providing some picturesque views and a real good chance of seeing plenty of wildlife like eagles and waterfowl along the roughly 20-mile stretch between Tomahawk and Merrill. Some attractions along the road include Grandmother and Grandfather dams and the state park Council Grounds located just to the north of Merrill.

#2. Timm’s Hill – At 1,951.5 feet, Timm’s Hill is the highest point in all the state. From the top of a lookout tower located atop the hill, views of miles upon miles of forests can be seen. The forest surrounding Timm’s Hill consist of mostly of sugar maple, ash, basswood and white birch, meaning a truly spectacular show can be seen when full colors are in full display. A few small, pothole lakes surround the hill and the roads in the area are not to be overlooked, as they too offer some picturesque views of fall colors.  The parking lot at Timm’s Hill is paved and the walk to the observation tower is nearby. Timm’s Hill is located just west of Tomahawk in Price County.

#1. Countryside tour – With thousands of acres of state and county forest and hundreds of lakes forming the landscape in the Tomahawk area, it’s almost impossible to not find a scenic route to spend an afternoon exploring. Grab the camera and get out and enjoy this beautiful neck of the woods we are so fortunate enough to visit and call home. Do it now because the breathtaking fall colors won’t stick around long.

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