School District of Tomahawk involved in Strategic Planning Process: Aug. 2019

By the School District of Tomahawk

TOMAHAWK – Community members in the School District of Tomahawk gathered together to discuss their priorities for the School District of Tomahawk (SDT). Out of this discussion, a five-year strategic plan will be developed, taking the district beyond 2025.

In August, the Board of Education for the SDT began a landmark event and process. “A Community Conversation for Educational Excellence,” reigniting the practice of strategic planning, was held on Aug. 14 and 15. At this event, the board convened a group of approximately 60 community stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of community expectations. Over the course of two evenings, participants identified the issues and trends that impact our schools, and our community distinguished the attributes and skills our graduates need to prepare them to be successful after high school and created a picture of how the SDT should prepare students for a changing tomorrow. This event served to create connections between community stakeholders and the school district and to promote a sense of shared beliefs.

Community Conversation
A scene from the School District of Tomahawk’s “Community Conversation for Education Excellence,” held Aug. 14 and 15.

The SDT Board of Education and Administration place a high degree of importance on community input. After closely analyzing the themes from the Community Conversation, which represent our community’s expectations, the board will be able to incorporate those expectations into their governance Results and Operational Expectation Policies.

Annually, District leaders, department leadership teams and building leadership teams will set goals and identify the strategic actions to ensure progress towards the five-year outcomes identified in the strategic plan.

District Administrator Terry Reynolds said, “We are excited about our future as a district we are all looking forward to the next steps in this strategic planning process. Aligning our goals with our community’s expectations is so important to ensure student success.”

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