Tomahawk Figure Skate Club shines from all the medals won at State Games of America

The Tomahawk Figure Skate Club put on quite the performance at State Games of America held in Lynchburg, Virginia July 30 through Aug. 4 as eight skaters brought home an impressive 11 medals.

The State Games of America is an olympic style event. To qualify, skaters must have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their state games. Tomahawk had eight skaters medal at the Badger State Games within the last two years that qualified them to compete.

Bringing home medals from Virgina’s State Games for the Tomahawk Figure Skate Club were Nathan Graeber, 2nd in Pre-Preliminary Boys Jumps and 3rd in No Test Boys, Aubrey Graeber placed 2nd in No Test Jumps, 8th in Compulsory Moves High Beginner, 9th in Excel High Beginner FreeSkate, 10th in High Beginner Light Entertainment and 4th in Pre-Preliminary Duet.

Dellana Graeber placed 9th in Pre-Preliminary Compulsory, 3rd in Pre-Preliminary Dramatic Entertainment, 6th in Pre-Preliminary Light Entertainment, 5th in Pre-Preliminary Interpretive and 4th in Pre-Preliminary Showcase Duet, Madelyn McCormick placed 2nd in both  Preliminary Jumps and Preliminary Compulsory, as well as 1st  in Pre-Preliminary Spins and 5th in Pre-Preliminary Free Skate.

Also scoring a 1st place finish at the State Games, Ayla McCormick took the top spot in the Pre-Preliminary Jumps, 6th in Pre-Preliminary Compulsory, 7th in No Test Spins, and 1st in No Test FreeSkate. Alexis Coffman who placed 6th in Beginner Jumps, 5th in Beginner Spins, 4th in Pre-Free Compulsory and 1st in Pre-Free FreeSkate.

Scarlet McKenzie placed 5th in Pre-Preliminary Jumps, 6th in Excel Pre-Preliminary FreeSkate, 6th in Pre-Preliminary Spins and 5th in Pre-Preliminary Light Entertainment and Kailynn Hanse rounded out skaters placing 7th in High Beginner Jumps, 4th in Beginner Compulsory, 2nd in Beginner Spins and 8th in Excel Beginner FreeSkate.

In all, Tomahawk brought home 11 Medals from Virgina including four Gold, five Silver and two Bronze.

The state games is held every two years in a different location and the club states it looks forward to competing in Ames, Iowa in 2021.

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