Babe Ruth Prep finishes regular season in 3rd Place

After finishing the regular season with a 9-5 record, the Tomahawk Hatchet 7th grade Babe Ruth Prep Team finished 3rd place in the league that qualified them for a playoff game against #2 Three Lakes. After beating Three Lakes team earlier in the season at home, and later losing to them in Three Lakes, the Hatchets had high hopes of advancing in the playoffs.

In the first inning, the Hatchets went 3-up-3-down while Three Lakes scored a run to take the early lead. The score remained the same until the bottom of the third when Three Lakes scored again making it 2-0. By the end of the fifth inning, the score was 6-1 Three Lakes. A 2-hour time limit ended the game after six innings with final score 6-1 Three Lakes.

While Three Lakes will go on to face Crandon, who is undefeated on the year, the Hatchets will be reflecting on their ups and downs of the season and working on getting better for the next season.

Coach Keith Seymour recommended that they all work on fundamentals like hitting off a tee, driving their hands to the ball, moving side to side as well as weight lifting. He also said he is a firm believer that these young athletes should be playing multiple sports. He explained, “No one should be specializing. They are too young to be limiting themselves to one sport. We are out to build well-rounded athletes.”

Room for improvement does not exist only in the physical nature of the game. The coach would also like to see the boys’ attitudes and sportsmanship improve.

“To be world class, you have to win and lose with grace. But the winning attitudes don’t begin on the field. They begin at home,” the coach said and advised that parents need to be parents by cheering for their team and their child and by supporting the coach. He would like parents to focus on the whole sports playing process, from mental and physical victories, to learning to be humble yet strong and to developing positive relationships with teammates and coaches.

Coach Seymour said coaching again next year is a definite possibility, that he had a strong team and came along with a winning record. “I thoroughly enjoyed coaching these boys. And I’m hoping I will be able to commit the time next year as well.”

He said he would not change his approach to coaching. He believes you need to build a unit, a family where there are rewards and consequences for actions on and off the ball field. “Too little times we are not teaching our youth life lessons. It’s about building self-worth and confidence.”

He told his team repeatedly that “they didn’t get beat; they beat themselves.”

“If you go on the field or court or ice and you let the situation or circumstances determine how you play, or the amount of effort you give, you have already lost. Stay positive and play to your ability all the time.”

The coach added he is most proud of the kids. “They really came out of their comfort zone, played together and made a great run on a great season.”

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