Lincoln County Sheriff Ken Schneider warns citizens of transient contractor scams


LINCOLN COUNTY – Lincoln County Sheriff Ken Schneider is warning residents to on the lookout for transient home improvement scammers. Recently, in both Marathon and Lincoln Counties, homeowners were visited by men acting as contractors and offering quick home repairs or preventive maintenance for only a small amount of cash.

Historically, the scammers work in several ways, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. The actual amount they charge the homeowner is normally much higher than the quoted price, the workmanship or materials are usually very poor at best, and by the time the check is cashed and the homeowner realizes the job is subpar or wasn’t completed, the suspects are long gone.

A group of men recently came to a home in the Town of Corning and approached a homeowner promising to provide a sealant to her metal roof in order provide a barrier against moisture. The suspe

ct offered to demonstrate the product, and suddenly two other men emerged from the truck and started applying it to the entire roof.

Thankfully another family member arrived at the

home. When confronted, the men quickly left. The person who contacted the woman is believed to be eastern European and is in his 40s, while his cohorts were believed to be younger. One of the “workers” had a cast on his left leg and used crutches.

They were operating an early 2000s model, silver GMC truck. It had a black ladder rack with ladders, and the windows were tinted black. The vehicle also had a piece of carpet hanging off the back, which law enforcement believes was used to obscure the rear plate. The front of the vehicle had a chrome bumper and no plate. Based on information gathered by a deputy investigating the incident it is believed the vehicle may have an Indiana license plate.

In the case in Marathon County, the vehicle description is similar, but the home owner described it as white.

Sheriff Schneider wants to talk to these individuals.

If you see them, or have any transient contractor visit your home, please contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 715-536-6272 or your local law enforcement office immediately. If you are able to safely, take any pictures of the suspects or their vehicles and we will share them with the public. Callers may also reach out to Crime Stoppers at 715-536-3726 or by using their app:

If you need repairs to your home, you are encouraged to ask friends, family and neighbors for the names of local, reputable and insured contractors. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department asks that you share this information with your elderly relatives, friends and neighbors, as they are a common target of these traveling thieves.

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