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July 10, 2019

“Weather Isn’t the Only Thing Heating Up!”

Wow have I been busy out on the water! My report begins the end of June and continues through this first week into July. Clients and I fished panfish and walleye. The temps were in the 80’s, humid, mostly sunny with light winds and water temperatures 72-75 degrees. We cast slip bobbers tipped with lively minnows and leaf worms in and along the weeds. Blair got us going with a nice medium crappie and Joey pumped in some nice chunky gills! Way to go! Jimmy caught walleye and crappie on jigs and plastic fishing the edge. Blair finished our morning hunt with walleye caught on a bobber! Congratulations to Blair, Joey, and Jimmy! It was a great morning of catch and release!

During the late morning we did some casting. Olivia landed a nice little walleye out of the slop. We caught smaller crappie that were released and we also missed some pike. With the storm approaching, the fish normally turn on, but not so much this time. We had light biting walleyes, but Olivia was able to snag a keeper! We also caught some slab crappies, smallmouth bass, and pike in the span of about ten minutes, but then the barometric pressure must have dropped too fast and the fish SHUT DOWN! We had a fantastic time anyway! Kudos to Olivia and Kenny!

Over the last weekend in June a friend and I hit the water. The weather was mostly sunny, hot, humid, with temps in the upper 80’s with very little wind. We fished around dinner time looking for walleye and crappie in the weed beds. The water was really busy with boat traffic, but we found places to fish. With the air being warm and water temps in the middle 80’s, we looked for shaded shorelines, weeds, and wind. The result was nice walleyes caught and released while fishing in the weeds. We also noticed bigger hatches of mayflies near dark.

At the beginning of the July 4th week, my kids and I chased walleye. Weather was mostly cloudy and humid, with winds out of the west-southwest, and water temperatures back down in the mid-70’s. We fished steep shorelines, pitching jigs and Halle got us started with a nice walleye. We also caught and released crappies on beetle spins. As the midday showers approached, walleyes turned on and we RIPPED LIPS! We got a little wet in the boat, but it was all worth it! Another fabulous day of catch and release!

The next day my daughters and I went smallmouth bass fishing on the local river system. Clouds turned to sun, there were light winds, and water temps 74-80 degrees. We cast crank baits and jigs and plastic along the cabbage weed beds. Pretty much right off the bat we started getting bites. I wasn’t sure at first, with seeing all of the hatches of mayflies, but we started catching a variety of smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, perch, and pumpkinseed. We had a great day catching lots of fish and enjoying the amazing sunshine! Way to go Halle and Faith!

This week Isaac and I checked out the weed bite. Weather was sun and clouds, south winds 10-15 mph, air temps in the low 80’s, and water temps 75-77 degrees. We cast soft plastics along the weeds for mainly crappie and walleye. Right from the start Isaac’s pole was bent over and a 13” crappie was caught and released! Awesome little buddy! I was proud of the catching and having a good attitude about releasing his “slab-a’sarus” fish. At the next cast or two, SAME THING; the kid was on fire! The smile on his face was priceless!

Scouting for weeds was on our menu as well. The key was to find good healthy weeds with lots of baitfish. A few casts were made with soft plastics and Isaac and I got into some good walleye action, smaller ones today, which was a lot of fun! During the last drift with the wind picking up, we caught more crappies that were released. There was a ton of baitfish. It was kind of hard to believe that fishing was decent with all the food in the water! This week with more warm days in the forecast, it will be beneficial to fish in the morning and late afternoon, keeping track of the pop-up thunderstorms.

If you are looking for a day on the water, give me a call at 715-966-1821. Well that wraps it up for this time. This is Roman Derleth reminding you: don’t slack off, and always keep your line tight!

Last updated: July 10, 2019

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